Systemise Your Business With The 7 Key Systems Every Service Provider Must Have

As a small business service provider, systemising your business can be a daunting task. From not quite knowing where to start, to hitting a brick wall once you get some momentum, to creating a system or a process and then realising that it is not really working for your business, or that you have outgrown it.In this article I would like to share with you my top 7 business systems that I believe are essential for service provider success. Why? Because fundamentally these systems all have something in common: they guarantee consistency with clients each and every time, and they all contribute to increasing your bottom lineSystem 1: A client intake system: This is important because you’ve done all the hard work in getting the client, now you need to deliver on your promise and that starts with an efficient, and simple intake system to get all the details you need from them in order to provide your service.System 2: A system for collecting client leads: If you’re not collecting client leads automatically you’re are letting money slip through your fingers. Set up a form on your website to automatically collect information from potential leads so you can get back to them.System 3: A system for communicating regularly with your leads so they can get to know you and trust you: Just because someone may initially give you their details doesn’t necessarily mean they will choose to do business with you. It takes at least 7 “touches” of communication with that person before they feel they know and like you enough to part with their cash.System 4: A system for managing projects in your business: If you have no set standard for the way you scope, plan and deliver projects in your business, your results will be inconsistent, unreliable and not to your expectations. A system for managing projects is key even if you think your service delivery model doesn’t revolve around project management. If you have clients, every time you do something for one of them, that’s a project, even if its small!System 5: A System for seeking client feedback immediately after you have concluded the service: Don’t wait 2 weeks, a month, or 3 months to ask the client how they found your service, ask them while it is fresh in their mind so you get honest feedback. Who knows, you may even discover some areas where they can help you to implement other systems or tweak existing systems.System 6: A system for getting client testimonials: If you know that you have provided great service, or delivered on a particular tricky project, ask the client for a testimonial. Most times they are only too happy to oblige, particularly if it means they are getting recognition for their business such as their name and website included on yours!System 7: A system for creating systems in your business: It makes it so much easier to create systems in your business is you have a “system for creating systems”. This doesn’t need to be complex and can in fact be as simple as having a procedure template ready to fill in, or a checklist that you can tick off to let you know you’ve considered all the elements of the process.The Wrap up: Systems are key in a serviced based business. In fact without systems, your clients will move on to your competition without a second glance. So, to systemise your business, start small, pick one system and focus on that, document it out step by step, and trial it a few times, make any necessary tweaks and the refine it and move onto the next one.

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